Unforeseen moment

The other person sees something different than me.

When I look at myself, I see from the inside out,

can’t disregard myself.

The other person looks at me from the outside in,

Sees what is and what was.

And what depressed me for years,

What always had me thinking “if I’d only…”,

“I should’ve…” turns into:

It was the necessary source of friction,

through which all of today’s possibilities could ignite.

The other person sees more than me.



With greetings from a snow-covered cabin after construction days in Urfeld by the Walchensee


Snow falls softly,

still and frozen lies – “hold on!”

the lake is seething and billowing,

Christmas? Lights, decorations – yes.

Other than that, old, gray walls – inhospitable.


In the hearts ... – what exactly?


Unremarkable, unspectacular, mundane

as with the shepherds out in the fields – transformation.

Wall, by closet, by lamp, by stitch,

life enters into house and heart.


We heros – No. 5

... still need to chop this off quickly


We heroes – No. 4

... the sky is so blue


We heroes – No. 3

... really making headway here


We heroes – No. 2

... can’t see any problems here


We heroes – No. 1

... another obstacle – can’t go on here either


Put to use

with greetings from a cabin after construction days in Urfeld by the Walchensee


Put to use


the screwdriver screws

the paintbrush brushes

the scissors and scythe cut

the rake rakes


look there – what’s coming to life


bright wide space

gently nestling meadows

between emerald green and gray

arriving and lingering


the screwdriver screws

the paintbrush brushes

the construction plan long conceived

by master hands



happily put to use


a rebuilding

the turning of screws

the mowing of meadows

the raking of hay


Who we are

Human beings are thoughts of God, so to speak, which he releases into the space-time and thereby gives them an existence, which in a way makes them ‘independent’ from him. They develop a life of their own.

Since at one point we were thoughts of God, we have something in us that doesn’t exactly force us, but enables us to remain his thoughts in a way, to always become new, or something like that. It remains our freedom how we live.

A life completed in faith (in other words, a life that returns to the memoria of God from the space-time) would then be something like a thought that God was able to finish.

When a person dies in abandonment of God it’s like he himself finishes this thought of God, which he used to be.

This also comes my way in psalm 90, where it says: “Every year you sow the people” and “You turn humans back into dust, saying ‘Return you children of Adam!’” anm

Urfeld Evenings · with video clip

“Christianity is possible in every moment yet.” Nietzsche said. Sören Kierkegaard noted that Christianity is at least not completely abolished yet. “What, however, is abolished and forgotten, is being a Christian, and what it means to be a Christian.”

What does it mean to be a Christian? This question animates some trace-seekers to meet time and time again at the lake Walchensee, for “Urfeld Evenings“ with Prof. Ludwig Weimer.

Video clip “Urfeld Evenings”