What’s the deal with all this drama? – with video clip

One might think that the theater has become redundant: Why exchange the comfort of your own four walls for a hard chair, sandwiched between the theater audience?

Why let yourself in for a performance, when thousands wait behind the screens at home? Whatever for “boards that mean the world”, when hosts of thinkers and researchers have accumulated an amount of knowledge over millennia that is hard to grasp? At least by today, don’t we know what the world means anyway? To all those who, following such considerations, no longer have need for a visit to the theater: congratulations, one less hardship! To all others the following may be recommended: The prologue to an evening of theater from the summer of 2019 in the park of the Günter-Stöhr-Gymnasium – with the participation of many associated with the school and the Integrated Community. Viewable anytime, quite conveniently, perfectly fit for the screen, whenever, wherever, just as you like. saw

Video clip “Prologue to Midsummer Night’s Dream”



You have no cherry tree

no cherries


you have cherry trees

and blackbirds

that is

no cherries


we have no tree

but cherries

they don’t belong to us.


Hedvig Fornander

The words


The words

were accused of deceit


A small number

obtained menial jobs

as informers and errand boys


“starting today

we have to make it happen in life”


Hedvig Fornander

On life in community


The apple tree wants to copy the pear tree


the potato plant ogles the watermelon


but what do we do with a melon flood?


since our kitchen owes its renown

to the savory potato dishes.


Hedvig Fornander

Unforeseen moment

The other person sees something different than me.

When I look at myself, I see from the inside out,

can’t disregard myself.

The other person looks at me from the outside in,

Sees what is and what was.

And what depressed me for years,

What always had me thinking “if I’d only…”,

“I should’ve…” turns into:

It was the necessary source of friction,

through which all of today’s possibilities could ignite.

The other person sees more than me.



With greetings from a snow-covered cabin after construction days in Urfeld by the Walchensee


Snow falls softly,

still and frozen lies – “hold on!”

the lake is seething and billowing,

Christmas? Lights, decorations – yes.

Other than that, old, gray walls – inhospitable.


In the hearts ... – what exactly?


Unremarkable, unspectacular, mundane

as with the shepherds out in the fields – transformation.

Wall, by closet, by lamp, by stitch,

life enters into house and heart.


We heros – No. 5

... still need to chop this off quickly


We heroes – No. 4

... the sky is so blue


We heroes – No. 3

... really making headway here


We heroes – No. 2

... can’t see any problems here