Excuse me?

After two thousand years: crosses on the summits of every mountain,

but in the valleys no paschal communities?


* * *


Is it that two thousand years after the incarnation of the word:

the flesh was made word again?


Wherefrom – whereto?

There was a time when Christianity was lived.

It was so strong that we still live off of it today.


We have come far. Come far away from what?


New Year’s Wish

If people were animals, everything would be better and easier.

It would be better because animals do not wage wars. Because animals do no wrong. Because animals especially do not harm the environment – except maybe the bark beetle, but I guess he’s just a bad apple. Everything would be easier because the life of an animal is so ideal, so simple and clear. An animal does not have to plan in advance. It does not have to be ashamed of its desires. Neither does it ask about the sense and nonsense of the world and about what actually holds the world together at its core. Essentially, everything indicates that humans should stop being humans and, if possible, start being animals. It need not bother us Europeans that some people might have opposing views to this. Judaism, for example, hardly exists in Europe anymore. So it is easy to ignore its views. Anyway, an engagement with such a worldview would present an indissoluble contradiction to the targeted harmonious, clear, simple, perfectly instinctive way of life. Therefore, engaging with it is out of the question. Instead, we should all choose an animal for New Year’s (preferably a plant-eating one), adopt its way of life and spend the rest of our days strolling along this way. Completely harmonious, simple and clear. The world would be a better place and I have already decided: The hippopotamus is what it’s going to be. saw


A cheerful barbeque with former colleagues above the roofs of Munich. A thirty-year-old Syrian, who works as a cleaner in the company and has lived in Germany for four years, is also of the party.

He proudly states that as an Aramaic Christian he speaks the language that Jesus used to speak. When ISIS took the houses and shops away from his family he fled from Damascus. We talk about the difficulties of the refugees, the different religious backgrounds and political problems. I ask his opinion on what all this here will come to in view of the many challenges. To that he says calmly: “You know, as long as two or three are gathered together in his name, I’m not worried.” heg

Elf commissioner

In the online version of the Rheinische Post published on 6th August, 2018, one could read: “Elf commissioner wants to prevent accidents on the A2 with ‚energetic sealing‘.”

The elf commissioner, it remained unclear by whom she had been commissioned, was active on the A2 with an animal communicator. Right away she had felt „very sad energies” on the highway. “In some cases they were upset creatures of nature, who were rebelling and wanted to take back their bit of nature.” Wild boars caused many accidents because their territory had been taken from them, “hooligans spoiling for a fight”.

What does it mean in this context when clergy bless cars, motorcycles, dogs and other things? How are critical contemporaries supposed to be able to differentiate? anm

There I sit, from Munich

There I sit, from Munich, in Bad Wörishofen; a Hungarian orchestra is playing in the health resort’s pavilion.

Request program: Franz v. Suppé, born in Dalmatia; Mozart, the father from Augsburg; Boccerini, from Luca in Italy; from Norway Edvard Grieg, Solveig’s Song; Jaques Offenbach, German-French composer; Franz Lehar, actually of Hungarian descent, it is about the Volga and someone lonely standing by her banks. And all of a sudden they all hum along “Have you up there forgotten me?” – final metaphysical longing? Reflecting on a possibly wasted life? But now it is getting cheerful, now everyone is singing, those between 70 and 95, those from the north – Prussians they used to say – those from the west, north, northeast. Oh, a Swiss voice and there – French, next door you can hear the Italians in the ice cream parlor: “We belong to the Imperial-Royal Infantry Regiment” (a German-Austrian military march). I thought I was dreaming – there she is, the EU, just at a health resort, at rehab because of severe dislocations? The solo-violinist’s attempted-pretty gold dress is a small reminder of culture, appropriate for an evening at the Scala in Milan. Here and there someone already left earlier, probably their wish had already been played. Then still someone came and talked loudly to his partner about where the best seat for them might be. Curious impression: Europe at a health resort concert. pez

By the beard of the Feminist!

The scaffold of the Innsbruck cathedral is currently decorated by a 56 square meter large political message: “As long as God has a beard, I’m a feminist!” A female artist from Innsbruck chose the phrase on the cathedral in cooperation with the bishop and vicar general.

The Jew and philosopher Baruch Spinoza realized and wrote that God, if He is God, should on no account ever be described by words of human standards. We humans have human perceptions, which is why any term could only give an incorrect presentation of God’s infinite magnitude and otherness. Of course a Jew has not allowed any pictures of God at all and not even said His name. This clarification is already attributed to Moses. luw

The World and the Mask

The features of a woman that had fallen asleep in a public area suddenly seemed wonderfully beautiful in the soft evening light. But it wasn’t the light.

The jaw was not pushed forward anymore, the many conflicting emotions around the mouth region had disappeared, the all too forced self-assertive eye closed. All of the tension of having to grimace at the world had relaxed for one paradisiac moment.

Sleep, a last refuge from the multiperspectivity of the goal shot scenes in the life of the self-optimized individual – bestows serenity even in the position of the observer. ses


In the Mediterranean there is a species of bright blue jellyfish that floats on the surface of the water and sails with the help of a small upward silvery skin. Since it has no other means of movement except for letting itself drift in the wind, it gets stranded on the beach in huge numbers correlating to the wind conditions, where it then dries out.

Those who are not familiar with this phenomenon first think of pollution through plastic waste at the sight of the blue colored beach. In a time, when people did not have these associations yet and the small natural catastrophe just seemed beautiful the jellyfish got the nickname “Saint-Peter’s-Boat” in the German language. But the name givers back then must have been aware that the human boat of St. Peter’s has an advantage: It does not have to strand fatefully and dry out; this boat can tack into the wind. ses

What hurts

“Mein Kampf” in Munich’s Volkstheater. Young Hitler is taken under caring Schlomo Herzl’s wing in a men’s boarding house in Vienna at the beginning of the 20th century.

Alarming is not that you laugh during George Taboris’ play. Alarming are not the allusions like the glowing oven on the initially dark set design. Alarming is seeing how powerless reasonable, civilized humanness and even faithful search for truth can be in the face of stupidity and distortion of reality. At least when they are alone.

Tabori ends with a joke: Two thieves are hanging on the cross. One asks the other: “Does it hurt?” – “Only when I laugh.” jup