The dear God and the dear money—TV logic

In his late-night show on January 17, 2016, Jan Böhmermann criticized the state financing of church institutions in a discussion with the invited Green Party chairwoman Katrin Göring-Eckardt.

In this situation, the Green Party chairwoman wondered how “atheistic” their TV host was. Perhaps she meant church-critical, which might well be said about Böhmermann—although his critique is about state funding, not the church. But Mrs Göring-Eckardt says “atheistic”.

According to this logic, state cross-financing and faith in God would be causally connected. It almost sounds like: A bit more gratitude—not to the taxpayer, but to heaven—should be expected if you get money from the state. According to this logic, all public TV stations should indeed show a little more piety. Good night – madness! ses

Trapped in state orthodoxy—there is nothing good unless the state takes care of it

Many things in the German discussion about Zuckerberg's announcement of putting most of his assets into charitable foundations, demonstrate the German state orthodoxy.

The annual development aid from tax revenues in the German Republic is about seven times the annual billion announced by Zuckerberg. What will be done with this money? Hardly anyone cares. But private charity is a topic of heated discussion. ses

Noble move

In the newsletter of the Israeli Embassy it is stated that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejects the latest statements by Donald Trump about Muslims:

“The state of Israel respects all religions and strictly safeguards the rights of all its citizens. At the same time, Israel is fighting against the militant Islam, which is targeting Muslims, Christians and Jews alike and is threatening the entire world. Donald Trump had called for a complete US entry ban for Muslims in a press release on Monday.” (Newsletter from 12.10.2015)

So it is the Prime Minister of this small Jewish state, whose existence has been the most threatened by militant Islam for decades, who protects Muslims from a general suspicion by a possible presidential candidate of the most powerful state in the world. dio